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Gary Lutton

Ards International Guitar Festival

Ards International Guitar Festival

Ards international Guitar festival

Live In Northern Ireland

Gary Lutton Playing His Arrangement Songbird Live by Fleetwood Mac

Live Pic Colour

Press Pic

Damn Cables!

Live 2015

Live Playing Songbird

GUITAR STAR – Acoustic Performance – Bush Hall 28/05/2015

Recording Slow Blink at Abbey Road

Recording Everywhere at Abbey Road

Live at Latitude Festival UK

Playing Thomas Leeb’s Desert Pirate At Latitude Festival

Playing as part of Nitin Sawhney’s Touring Band Live at Heaven, London

Sound Check Nitin Sawhney Dystopian Dreams Tour Nov 2015

Gary at Heaven London with Nitin Sawhney


Recording This Woman’s Work Video

Live on BBC Northern Ireland

Colin Murray Introducing Gary on BBC TC Music Day Live from The Parliament Buildings Stormont

Playing arrangement of Misty Moses on BBC Music Day 03/06/16

Trying to Ignore I have my Octave Effect on the wrong setting Live on BBC2

My arrangement of Van Morrison’s Crazy Love Live on BBC




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