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New Video

My New Video Orchard, my original composition. Choreography and dance by Ilana Gilovich, filmed and edited by Dog Kennel Productions, audio mixed and mastered by John Dines

This Woman’s Work is an arrangement of Kate Bush’s song  from her album Sensual World. I hope you like it!

I’ve always loved the song. The lyrics are fairly specific (it was written for a particular scene the movie She’s having a baby). Eessentially it takes the listener through the experience of being on edge of loosing something/someone and all the thoughts of regret that flood your mind. I was listening to it recently and could just ‘hear’ it on the guitar. The great thing about arranging music originally for piano is that it forces you to really think about chord voicings. Different chord inversions colour the music in unique ways and can make really subtle but impactful variation. The tendency for guitarists is to play chords in the most comfortable way, not the most musical – we can learn a lot from pianists.

The video was shot by Tommy Keery – Dog Kennel Productions






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